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Trolls+10% attack and +5% defense bonus. Shaman, Nature, Necromancer, or Feudal Class.
Trolls will spread the Plague on a 20% chance in battles. Plague will last for 3-5 hours and zero's population growth. Warning, if you have a Plague on you, and you get another infection the time will combine (i.e. stack).
Berserkers12/241,000 Gold100 Iron0 Lumber2% Resistance Offence     43
Rock Throwers12/5350 Gold10 Iron0 Lumber 14
Spider-Shaman1500/100090,000 Gold2000 Iron50 Lumber2% Resistance Offence     3% Resistance Defense2000

Ogres+10% Mining and +10% speed bonus (i.e. armies return home faster). Nature or Necromancer Class.NWAdamite
Armored Ogres10/18550 Gold125 Iron0 Lumber 1% Resistance Defense25
Sling Masters9/5200 Gold25 Iron0 Lumber 9
Rage Ogre500/50025,000 Gold500 Iron500 Lumber3% Resistance Offence     3% Resistance Defense750

Humans+5% bonus to food and population. Magi, Necromancer, Druid, or Feudal Class.NWAdamite
Crossbowmen10/5300 Gold10 Iron10 Lumber1% Resistance Offence     12
Rangers16/11800 Gold10 Iron10 Lumber 32
Armored Infantry5/18550 Gold100 Iron0 Lumber 1% Resistance Defense24
Catapult2000/1500155,000 Gold100 Iron2500 Lumber3% Resistance Offence     3% Resistance Defense2500

Elves+20% Lumber production and +10% Food Production. Nature, Demonology or Druid Class.NWAdamite
Archers5/20600 Gold20 Iron10 Lumber 24
Henchmen8/7225 Gold25 Iron0 Lumber 10
Bane Warriors20/14900 Gold0 Iron10 Lumber1% Resistance Offence     1% Resistance Defense3950 Adamite required.
Dragon Riders3000/2500190,000 Gold0 Iron0 Lumber3% Resistance Offence     3% Resistance Defense40001000 Adamite required.

Goblins+25% Population bonus. Nature, Demonology or Magi Class.NWAdamite
Grunts7/6175 Gold20 Iron0 Lumber2% Resistance Offence     2% Resistance Defense8
Shamans4/13450 Gold10 Iron10 Lumber 18
Dogmen15/4500 Gold0 Iron0 Lumber 2240 Adamite required.
Flying Turtles600/60037,500 Gold500 Iron0 Lumber2% Resistance Offence     2% Resistance Defense1000200 Adamite required.

NameAttackDefenseSpeedTaxesFoodMiningLumberPopulation MaxResearchCrime Rate*Help
* Crime Rate affects your spy and thief production, higher crime rates are better.
** Barren receives two additional bonuses. One, they capture an extra 10% of a target's land on land grabs. Two, they receive their terrain attack boost versus Monsters.
*** Hills receives one additional bonus. Their characters will return in order of highest level first vs. monsters.
**** Forest has an extra 3% per roll chance of finding magic items from monsters.
***** Mountains is Doom don't play mountains. But if you do 5% protection against assassination and 10% protection against spells that remove chars. (applied before Minimum chance).

NatureFood Production +15%, Lumber Production +5%. Starts game with 2 Chieftans (lvl 3, lvl 1) and 2 Shamans (lvl 3, lvl 1).
ShamanFood Production +20%, Lumber Production +10%. Starts game with 1 Chieftan (lvl 3) and 3 Shamans (lvl 3, Lvl 2, lvl 1).
DruidFood Production +20%, Lumber Production +25%. Starts game with 1 War General (lvl 3) and 3 Druids (lvl 3, lvl 2, lvl 1).
NecromancerFood Production -10%, Taxes +10%, Population +5%. Starts game with 1 War General (lvl 3) and 3 Necromancers (lvl 3, lvl 2, lvl 1).
MagiFood Production +5%, Lumber Production +5%. Starts with 1 War General (lvl 3) and 3 Magi (lvl 3, lvl 2, lvl 1).
FeudalMining +10%, Attack +10%. Starts with 2 War Generals (lvl 3, lvl 1), 1 Prince (lvl 3), and 1 Magi (lvl 3).
DemonologyDefense +10%. Starts with 2 War Generals (lvl 3, lvl 1), and 2 Demons (lvl 3, lvl 1).

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