Beginner's guide

Multiplayer strategy battle arena.

PvP totally, but you should be able to find allies as well as enemies.

Many spells can be cast on friendly mates, and you can get a form of synergy from team play.

It's ineffective at mid range levels, but you do get Experience from troop losses on your side, it can be significant.

These popular combos are a good place for anybody to start. Hills is not represented, but most players want a fast terrain.

Barren terrains are strong, but they're not great for long term victory. Population and food both modify tax-paying civilians plus military units, and Barren aren't high population or high farming.
Let's go through each setup and look at starting military. Training military is common, and it's good to have an idea what these combos offer.

Our first class is Elf Druid Barren.

Expansion is your #1 spell (It makes land). Focus on mining unless coastal, plains, or forest. Harvest boosts farming output. Sphere defends against harmful spells.

Barren help: Mines are your best building, but this can vary. Watch population closely, and if low, build houses and train your biggest unit.

You have healers, but you need to have a druid in the battle.

Starting Military

This is what your military looks like (The train numbers will be higher if you're late. Max out Henchmen, train them all.

You won't get the Henchmen until you run a turn, so run a turn, then attack monsters with everything.

Coastal Elf Demon

Assassinations are awesome sauce (1 per attack if you're being nice). Lessor Demon is your best spell. Lessor Demon works is if you have a 6-turn attack with 1 char, your char comes home in 3 turns, the Lessor comes home in 6. Two chars, one is 2 hours one 4 hours lessor 6 hours. Coastal : Houses are best. You need some mines in noob mode. You steal Iron or Adamite or a few mines. Build lots of smaller units and easily support them.

Train the henchmen hit monsters. Easy.

You don't want to make henchmen forever but they're your cheap unit.

Ogre Barren Necromancer

Better at Mining than other classes. Advanced Skeletal Miners is worth it. Your super power is possession, use it, 1x per attack. This is the best War class, and likely the class most likely to start a war.

Max out on sling masters, you just need guys to hunt monsters.

Later in the game, you may be a lot better off a mix of military, slingmasters die like flies in battles.

Troll Feudal Barren

This class is an underrated powerhouse.

Gems and Alchemy are great, but Gems won't produce without mines, and Alchemy only converts gold to iron or iron to gold. Speed cuts return times on attacks, cast it every time.

Cast speed on mates and create speed scrolls. Most attacks are a 6 turn thing, unless terrain or some magic, if you have speed it drops to 4 turns. This means you 2 characters, 1 gets home in 2 turns, you send 3-4 characters, your top guy is home in one turn. Your healers aren't as good as Druids, and you must have a Magi in the battle.

Train rockthrowers.

Attack monsters with them.

Goblin Nature Plains

This is an economic powerhouse, plains is the best terrain for high population, Goblins get an extra 25%, and Nature has a fertility spell that can be up to 40%.

Downfall, you likely will need mines or thieves denss, you want almost all your buildings to be houses + farms, but the iron rewards can get pretty big, on the goodies page. Your healers aren't as good as Druids, and you must have a Shaman in the battle.

Train the Grunts to start out.

Legions of Tercia
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