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I. Introduction


A.Covens & Clans


1War Status


2War Scoring


3No War Round


4Clan & Coven Lag


5Scorched Earth Attacks


6Player Rules










4Wildcard Characters






1Shaman & Nature Spells


2Druid Spells


3Magi & Feudal Spells


4Necro Spells


5Demon Spells


D.Magic Items




F.EXP Equations


G.Protected Income


H.Basic Equations






3Steal Magic




5Offensive Spells




7Troop Losses v. Monsters

II. The Basics


A.Character Basics


B.The Arkane Tree


1Identify scrolls


2Making scrolls


3Burning Blood & Fury Potions


4Making Invisibility Potions






E.Spying and Thieving




1Special Encounters

III. Battles

IV. Help Pages


My Stuff Page


My Economy


Military Status




Buy Land




Arkane Tree






Friendly Spells


Item Auction


Coven Forums


Clan Forums




The Competition












Battle Calculator


Attack Results


Coven News


Attacking Monsters


Razing Buildings




Kingdom News


Spell Casting


Chaos Mode


Hints & Tips for Demons


Hints & Tips for Human Druid Mountains


War Status


Steal Magic


Character Strengths


Run Turn


Mass Sell


Magic Items










Enemy Coven


Attack Results


Monster Attack Results

Hints & Tips for Demons

Hints and Tips This is assuming your are Demon Forest. It'll be a little different if your terrain is different.

Lessor Demon is your favorite spell. It speeds the return of your war generals allowing them to attack more often. Attacking more often means being higher level. You want to have a WG on the scoreboard in the top 5. You want all 3 of your WGs to be listed in the top 5 but without the wheel that's going to be hard.

Invisibility is your second favorite spell. It's worth 50% extra spy / thief chances. It's also the spell you use to "trade" with other people for speed/fertility/harvest.

Speed is your third favorite spell, but you don't have it, only magi/feudal has it. You can also find it on a scroll. It shaves 2 hours off your return time vs players.

Swamp is your nemesis, it slows your return time by 5 hours. If they have swamp make certain you have lessor demon cast.

Don't Open-Gate anybody, sanctioning is likely for such action. Unless we're at war then we'll want you to cast open gate.

You're likely pop based, don't worry about mining (unless Barren/Hills/Mountains, then mine). If you get a mining handbook early on quicksell it for gold. If you put it in the auction early on nobody will be able to afford it. You should consider giving it to any hills or mountains covenmates you have as well.

You need an Orb of Knowledge. Equip it.

Hit monsters as much as possible especially in noob mode. You get full exp and a chance at magic items even if you fail so long as you are under 1k land. Monsters in our coven are a 6 hour return. Monsters outside our coven are 8 hours return. Thus, if there are monsters in and out of our coven and you can break both of them, hit the ones in our coven.

Use your Dark Knights to hunt monsters and thieve. They increase your thief gains, and they increase your shot at getting magic items. Try not to let your Dark Knights sit idle. Dark Knights get EXP for spying and thieving, and some people use them just for that.

Watch your food production, but don't hesitate to steal a little food now and then. You should focus on stealing gold & iron, but if you need to steal food or lumber you can.

Avoid hitting the same target in too short a time period. If you click "Stats" it will show you everybody you "shouldn't" hit, wait for them to clear out of the stats page and then whack them. Unless they're really open or fat or something silly.

Hitting a fast terrain will speed your troops home.

Decide if you want to take unfriendly spells to level your demons, if you want to, look for spell buddies in the clan forums. Your spell to level other people is Poison. (i.e., you cast poison on them, they cast explosions on you)

If you find a scroll that destroys buildings, "Lighting, Explosions, Tornado, Firestorm" you can give it to an active covenmate you trust to read it on you, and this will give your demons a wee bit of experience. Since you're pop based, Tornado and Firestorm can really wreck your buildings, so it's best to do those early in the game not late in the game as late in the game they'll do a lot more damage and buildings will be more expensive to rebuild. Explosions is the best of these scrolls for you because it almost exclusively targets mines and you won't have mines.

Be careful on opening day, there are a LOT of barrens out there and they'll be hunting. Always try and keep character(s) at home in case you do get attacked.

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