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I. Introduction


A.Covens & Clans


1War Status


2War Scoring


3No War Round


4Clan & Coven Lag


5Scorched Earth Attacks


6Player Rules










4Wildcard Characters






1Shaman & Nature Spells


2Druid Spells


3Magi & Feudal Spells


4Necro Spells


5Demon Spells


D.Magic Items




F.EXP Equations


G.Protected Income


H.Basic Equations






3Steal Magic




5Offensive Spells




7Troop Losses v. Monsters

II. The Basics


A.Character Basics


B.The Arkane Tree


1Identify scrolls


2Making scrolls


3Burning Blood & Fury Potions


4Making Invisibility Potions






E.Spying and Thieving




1Special Encounters

III. Battles

IV. Help Pages


My Stuff Page


My Economy


Military Status




Buy Land




Arkane Tree






Friendly Spells


Item Auction


Coven Forums


Clan Forums




The Competition












Battle Calculator


Attack Results


Coven News


Attacking Monsters


Razing Buildings




Kingdom News


Spell Casting


Chaos Mode


Hints & Tips for Demons


Hints & Tips for Human Druid Mountains


War Status


Steal Magic


Character Strengths


Run Turn


Mass Sell


Magic Items










Enemy Coven


Attack Results


Monster Attack Results

Hints & Tips for Human Druid Mountains

Elf Druid Barren.

This may be the best beginner setup, its easy to learn, not too time demanding and can be great fun.

  • You get an attack boost and a speed boost. The attack boost works against monsters and players/AI, the speed only works againstpPlayers/AI.
  • With Elf you can consume Burning Blood Potions (Fiery Blood and Molten Blood) these potions permanently boost your attack
  • Druids are "healers" which means you will have up to 4.5% reduction of troop loss on defense, and if using a druid on offense same thing there. 4.5% may not seem like much but a battle maybe 6-8% losses or even a bit more, 6% with a high level healer is 1.5%.
  • You have one of the fastest terrains, but it means people get fast returns hitting you too.
  • You need Mining Handbooks to make your economy work, and you're gonna have to calc out whether you make more from Mines or Houses, depending on your bonuses and books, you may actually need high population.
Your Chief Spells
  • Expansion - Extremely useful spell that adds land to your empire at no cost.
  • Harvest - Also very useful spell that increase farming by 30, 45 or 60% and last for 24h on clan members or 36h on yourself, good for trading with others for example for some Skeletal Mining (increase your mining income)
  • Rot - This spell is useful if you have any friends that want to get their chars leveled and don't care about their lumber/mills, remember to ASK them first if they want you to cast rot on them as it could be devastating if you cast it on someone that need their lumber to build/train.
  • Sleep - Your major WAR spell, this is what you'll be casting on the KT's in case of war, it will lower their SoR (State of Readyness) to as low as -25%. This is also very useful when making your regular grabs BUT you may only cast ONE successful sleep or you could get into alot of trouble and might be punished.
  • Firestorm - This spell you wont be using much, it destroys a large amount of buildings (not land) and will force the target to rebuild them, but it is rarely used.
Some important Magic Items you want to collect
  • Orb of Knowledge - Always useful, increases your caster (druids) xp by 50%.
  • Staff of Fireballs - The only staff (other than Arkane staff which you get from your arkane tree) for druids, adds 35% offense 10% defense for that char.
  • Bow of Shadows - Weapon for rogue classes (Hero), adds 50% attack 5% defense 10% xp from monsters and 2% chance to get magic items per roll.
  • Mining Handbook - Adds 10% bonus mining, you need 3 of these. (If you're hills or mountains, it's 15% per book, but I'm assuming you're barren.)
  • Cloak of Thorns/Deflection - Unidentified as garment these are the defensive garments for your druids, you can use both but at the same time.
  • Try avoiding attacking Mountain players or you could leave yourself with your chars out for a very long time.
  • Attacking monsters can be very favorable if you have a Hero with Bow of Shadows, the items you get from them you can sell on auction or trade with your coven. And you will still be gaining alot of land from your expansion spells.
  • Have a necromancer in your coven cast swamp on you and people definitely will look the other way and avoid hitting you, and you should do the same if you see a mountain with swamp, FLEE
  • Having a magi/feudal cast speed on you or use a speed scroll can be very helpful if you still want to attack players often, but they can be hard to get a hold of.
When choosing what to play take a good look at the Signup help and see what the different advantages/disadvantages you get is Signup help.

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