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I. Introduction


A.Covens & Clans


1War Status


2War Scoring


3No War Round


4Clan & Coven Lag


5Scorched Earth Attacks


6Player Rules










4Wildcard Characters






1Shaman & Nature Spells


2Druid Spells


3Magi & Feudal Spells


4Necro Spells


5Demon Spells


D.Magic Items




F.EXP Equations


G.Protected Income


H.Basic Equations






3Steal Magic




5Offensive Spells




7Troop Losses v. Monsters

II. The Basics


A.Character Basics


B.The Arkane Tree


1Identify scrolls


2Making scrolls


3Burning Blood & Fury Potions


4Making Invisibility Potions






E.Spying and Thieving




1Special Encounters

III. Battles

IV. Help Pages


My Stuff Page


My Economy


Military Status




Buy Land




Arkane Tree






Friendly Spells


Item Auction


Coven Forums


Clan Forums




The Competition












Battle Calculator


Attack Results


Coven News


Attacking Monsters


Razing Buildings




Kingdom News


Spell Casting


Chaos Mode


Hints & Tips for Demons


Hints & Tips for Human Druid Mountains


War Status


Steal Magic


Character Strengths


Run Turn


Mass Sell


Magic Items










Enemy Coven


Attack Results


Monster Attack Results

Magic Items

Coolies, magic items. You'll start the game with four unidentified items (unless you start late then you'll get more), you have to scribe an identify scroll on the arkane tree page for 50,000 arkane points before you can use your magic items. Once identified you can use the magic items/artifacts. You can also put an item up for sale in the auction, scrolls/artifacts are used on the friendly spells and spells pages (respectively).

Use your own magic items, don't simply give them all away, if you are an "item farm" for another player, both accounts risk deletion.

Some items must be equipped to be used, some are automatic, some you click the use button and they will automatically invoke. Frenzy type scrolls will stack up to a 170% increase.

Basic Magic Items, Potions and Scrolls

Adamite Scales - Armor suitable for Chieftans, 40/60 attack/defense +30% exp. Stage 3

Advanced Conscription Scroll - 40% cost less for Human Troops for 24 hours... Stage 2

Arkane Scroll - 10% boost to research bonus everytime it's read (permanent).

Assassin's Vision - Adds 4-6 spy and thief missions to your empire when invoked.

Avenger Blade - Equip to Fighter Classes, 50/30 Stage 2

Basher Shield - An offensive shield for War Generals, Chieftan, Prince, and Demon. 20% attack bonus and 5% defense bonus. (Stacks with the Ring of Might for an extra 5% attack)

Basket of Thorns - Boosts an empire's State of Readiness (SoR) by25%. SoR drops 5% per hour and is a defensive combat mulitplier as well as an affect on how much land is gained in a battle.

Big Cornocopia - Produces food when activated, more than a regular cornocopia (2-5kk). Stage 2

Big Treant's Stone - Produces wood when activated, more than a regular Treant's Stone (1.5-2.5kk). Stage 2

Black-wax Candles - Boostsfour open-gate spells by +10% success chances, +1 round if rolled for, and +50% max damage

Bloodless Scroll - same as frenzy only 100% boost to troop strength. (defensive cast is most common, acts as a duration spell, only on a 50/50 roll will it invoke on attack)Stage 4

Bone Armor - Necro only, +40% Defensive Points and +10% Offensive Points

Book of Irrigation - Boosts an empires food bonus by 10%(15% for plains). Three of these books can be read per round.

Book of TaxCodes - Boosts an empire's Tax rate by 10% (15% for Feudal). Three of these books can be read per round

Bow of Shadows - +50% attack, +5% defense,+10% exp from monsters for the rogue, +2% better chance of getting a magic item per roll, Rogue classes only

Burning Blood Potion - One time use potion, permanently boosts attack by 5%, only usuable by non-Human. You can only consume 20 of these in a round.

Cecil's Root - Cecil's Root is an anti-septic, anti-toxin, that also helps stop bleeding. Healers gain +2% less casualties if they have it on hand, it can be used 3 times and is automatic. Druids, Shaman and Magi are healers and they must participate in the battle

Chain Mail - +10% attack and +15% defense to fighter classes other than Chieftan or Prince. (Princes and Feudal War Generals can use Plated Armor which is better than ChainMail)

Circle of Protection - Same as ring of protection, but 20% per ring not 10... Stage 3

Cloak of Deflection* - 5% spell resistance to the Magi/Druid it's assigned to.

Cloak of Might - replaces cloak of thorns, 20/35 Stage 2

Cloak of Thorns* - +10% attack and +25% defense for any Magi/Druid/Shaman it's assigned to.

*Cloak of Deflection and Cloak of Thorns can both be equipped at the same time.

Conscription Scroll - One time use scroll which decreases military and scholar gold cost by 30% for 24 hours for Humans only. It's a good idea to save up as much gold as is feasible before reading the conscription scroll.

Cornocopia - 500,000-1,000,000 food produced, one time use

Dancer's Shield - 25/50 fighter/prince/demon Stage 3

Dante's Crux - recalls characters at a .3 rate (unid'd as smooth rock) Stage 3

Dart of Slumber (UnID'd as a needle) 50% SoR drop, just like orb of sleep Stage 3

Devil's Eye - Returns lagged characters to home/ready state at a .2 rate per lagged char.

Diablo's Toenail - Recalls chars at a .25 rate Stage 2

Diamond Drought - 15 Level boost for one fighter for one battle Stage 4

Dispell Scroll - Can be used to dispell "duration spells". Spells that list on your "My Stuff" page. Can go cataclysmic at a .1 rate. Will only work vs sphere at a .33 rate. 3 charges per scroll.

Dragons Fire Ring - An arkane ring for Magi/Druid/Shaman which boosts attack by 25% and defense by 25%. It also boosts Gems, Alchemy and Expansion production by 20%.

Dragonscales - Fitted to a Chieftan's size and girth this suit of Dragonscales armor provides +15% attackand +50% defense points and +25% EXP for battles, to the Chieftan it's assigned to.

Essence Orb - Once equipped provides for 20% extra EXP casting spells, on top of OoK Stage 2

Essence Root - This root when used will cut spell caster lag by two hours for spells 10 hours lag and less, and will cut lag by three hours for spells over 10 hours lag. 4 Charges per root.

Farsight Ring - Usable by a Prince, Hero, or Dark Knight, this ring will boost the defender's defense against spying and thieving by the characters level, if the ring is equipped and the character is on defense

Fertility Wine - 20% Population Max for 24 hours

Fiery Blood Potion - 10% attack for non-human... Stage 2

Frenzy Scroll - This scroll is a defensive spell boosting military units only by 20%, on a 50/50 roll when read it will also invoke a one time offensive bonus of 20% extra attack for military units. The scroll has no affect on character strengths. Each scroll can be read twice.

Frozen Elixer - 10 level boost to one figher per battle, same as fury only 10 levels Stage 3

Fury Blade - Any Fighter class can use. +40% offensive points +20% Defensive points

Fury Potion - WG, Chieftan, Prince, 5 Level Boost, applies to next offensive battle, if assigned.

Gnarled Root - The Gnarled Root is a staff for Shamans only, it boosts defense and attack points by 15%, increases spell chances by 10%, increases exp for spells by 10%, and increases damage from Tornado by 50%.

Humans Rool - Scroll- 70% troop cost discount for 36 hours Stage 4

Ice Potion - 8 level boost for fighter/prince classes good for one battle (upgraded fury potion) Stage 2

Invisibility Potion - 24 hour affect +50% chance spy/thiefops

Iron Basket - 50% extra SoR on activation, up to 100% SoR Stage 2

Iron Coat - 2 charges, 12 hour duration, protects from Lycan infection and Giant injury

Jade Fire Ring - 40/40 boost to magi/druid shaman, 50% boost to Gems/Alchemy/Expansion Stage 3

Jade Long Bow - Rogue only, 70/25 - +5% item drop per roll, no extra EXP Stage 3

Jade of Souls - Necro only - 60/30, 10% spell resistance... Stage 3

Leadership Circle - same as courage, but 20% boost instead of 7.5 Stage 3

Linked armor - fighter/rogue class, 15/20 Stage 2

Loki's hut - Boosts crime rate by 3-5% for Non-Human

Mimic Eye- Detects origins of 10% of incoming thieving and spying events. Multiple eyes will increase their detection chance.

Mining Handbook - Increases an empires mining production by 10% (15% for Hills and Mountains). Three of these books can be read per empire.

Moldy Root - The Moldy Root is a staff for Shamans only, it boosts attack/defense points by 45/30%, increases exp for spells by 15%, and increases Tornado success rate by 40%. Stage 3

Molten Blood Potion - 15% extra attack for non-human Stage 3

No Min. Wage Scroll - 60% troop discount for 24 hours Stage 3

Obsidian Ring - Arkane device only useable by Demons and Necromancers, augmenting their strength, 50% extra attack, 30% extra defense. Stage 2

Orb of Knowledge - Extra EXP gains for all spells cast (Orbs must be equipped, one orb is 50% extra EXP, 2 orbs=60% extra,3+ orbs=70%)

Orb of Recall - This handy device will return one character from "away" (as in lagged or off base with military) to "ready" on defense with zero lag. You can attack with a leader, use an orb of recall on the leader, then attack a second time with that leader.

Ring of Courage - For all fighter classes (including Rogues), can't be used with Ring of Might. Boosts the characters combat bonus by 7.5%. Highest combat bonus will be used for a party. Example War Generals get 2% combat bonus per level, a level 5 War General witha Ring of Courage has a 17.5% combat bonus.

Ring of Might - Worth 15% attack and 10% defense for War Generals and Chieftans.

Ring of Protection- -10% success rate on all offensive spells cast on wearer

Ring of the Titan - 40/40 fighter class only Stage 3

Ring of Vengeance - fighter only, 30/20, no boost for coupling with a basher shield... Stage 2

Ruby Potion - 30% fertility boost for 36 hours Stage 2

Ruby X-bow - Equip to Rogues, 60/10, +15% exp from monsters for the rogue, +4 item drop rate per roll Stage 2

Saw Blade - Equip to fighter class, 60/40 Stage 3

Scroll of Bog- Five uses

Scroll of Expansion - Five uses

Scroll of Explosions -Four uses

Scroll of FireStorm - Four Uses

Scroll of Lightning -Five uses

Scroll of Possession - Three uses

Scroll of Rage - Four uses

Scroll of Speed - Four uses

Scroll of Tornado - Sixuses

Shard of Souls - +40% attack, +20% defense, +5% spell resistance, Necromancer only.

Shield of Speed - An all around shield for WarGenerals, Chieftans, Princes, and Demons. 10% attack bonus and 25% defense bonus.

Shraeker - Three bladed claw tuned to a Demon's characteristics.+25% attack and defense points for Demon it's assigned to.

Shraeker II - Jagged, three-bladed claw tuned to a Demon's characteristics.+40% attack and defense points for Demon it's assigned to. Stage 3

Skeletal Armor - Necro only, 50/15 Stage 2

Spiked Shield - 25/15, fighter/prince/demon only Stage 2

Staff of Fireballs - +35% attack and +10% defense for Magi/Druid.

Staff of Lightning = Magi/druid, 70/40 Stage 3

Star-Metal Shard - Boosts Necromancers by 70/40. 15% spell defense. Stage 4

Steel Cloak - magi/druid/shaman, 40/50, replaces thorns/spiked cloaks Stage 3

Talisman of Fury - 40% boost to spell chances (will un-equip talisman of power) Stage 3

Talisman of Power - +20% spell casting success chance

Tome of Skill - An arkane book which when read by a character will boost their experience by 1.5 levels, give or take a bit. Once read the book is destroyed.

Torches - Provides 20% protection from thieves for 18 hours.

Treant's Stone - 250,000-500,000 Lumber produced, one time use

Vengeance Scroll - Similar to Frenzy, but 50% boost to military units instead of 20% Stage 3

Vein Root - essentially a vein rod, only 5x more goodies Stage 4

Vien Rod - Minimum land for these equations is 2,500. Iron&Gold production is (100 + rand(50) + rand(50)) * Land, Adamite is (20 + rand(10) + rand(10)) * Land. One time use

Wall of thorns, basket un-ided, one time 75% SoR boost, up to 125% Stage 3

Artifacts (i.e., only three of each exists in the game)

Ancient Conduit - Five Lightnings a day

Big Mist Branch - 3x per day Fog spells, with significantly higher success rate than a regular Branch of the Mists. Stage 2

Bloodstone - Five Possessions every 36 hours

Bow of Blood - +60% attack/ +5% defense, rogue class only, +15% chance of assassination, cuts lag for assassination attempts from 2 hours to random 50/50 1 or 2 hours

Branch of Brambles - Casts four Perimeter Wall spells every 24 hours at any empire in your Clan (this consumes 10 lumber per acre of the target empire)

Branch of the Mists - Casts four Fog spells every 36 hours.

Cloak of invisibility - usable only by prince, hero. or dark knight spying or stealing, no limit to use +50% chance

Cosmic StarMap - Cuts the cost of exploring land by 20%. It also cuts building costs by 20%.

Demon's Paw - Four Lvl THIRTY Open-Gates every 48 hours

Dimensional Orb - Shapes within this device shift and change reflecting back on themselves, showing an infinite possibilities. Equivalent to One Devil's Eye every 24 hours. Stage 3

Edge of Conquerers - An ancient blade with a wicked edge. +30% attack/+30% defense, WG / Chieftan, +10% land gains against players, +10% exp against players (for entire party attacking), and cuts defender SoR in half.

Eye of the Rogue - Guarantees a minimum success rate of 85% when thieving. Stage 3

Freya's Hut - Acts as a bank leeching gold from your income protecting it from theives.

Gerund's Hut - Acts as an intelligence office generating an extra spy&thief mission at the tick on a 40% roll with no maximum limit to how many missions you can stockpile.

Golden Eye - Detects 100% of all spy and thief missions against you. Also boosts your chances of finding items by +.04 per roll (on offense).

Gryphon Eye - Three times every 48 hours will show you another coven's news. Stage 2

Hammer of the Gods - Casts two earthquakes during wartime or chaos mode every 24 hours. Must be level 30 WG or Chieftan to equip, once equipped, it's +50% attack / +25% defense

Harpy's Claw - For a period of 24 hours will summon .5 of all new monster bounces to the identifier's coven.

Harvest Wheel - Boosts Farming production by 20% or 50% per tick.

Mammoth War Tome - Same as a regular war tome, except in addition to 10% attack, 5% defense, and 5% population, it gives every character a (200,200) exp roll when read. A third one of these can be read. (if a war tome is read first, it counts towards the three.) Stage 2

Orb of Chance - Once every 24 hours this device will bid a max gold bid for any item in the auction house. If you lose the bid you don't get money back but placing the bid costs nothing.

Orb of Fire - Four Firestorms a day

Poison Spike - four lvl Twenty Poisons every 36 hours

Reeds ofthe Necro - An ancient root that can be nurtured and cultivated to produce enough components to cast four swamp spells clan wide every 24 hours.

Rod of Expansion - Casts four Expansion spells every 36 hours at any empire in your Clan (the land produced will be based on your highest level caster, so, the higher level your top caster becomes, the more land the rod will produce)

Root of the Thorn - Boosts SoR by 100% 2x a day, clan wide. Stage 2

Scrying Eye - Once every 24 hours it will detect the location and arrival time of all monsters. Also, if you possess the Scrying Eye, you cannot fail at pulling a SoM.

Staff of the Druid - An Arkane healing device, useable by any class. Reduces troop losses by 2% no matter if healers are present or not. For the healer, cecil's roots will no longer be used. For the Nature player, this device will function as a Cecil's root for making Burning Blood Potions. Stage 3

Surveyor Claw - Helps find the deepest iron/adamite veins, boosting production by 50%. Stage 2

Talisman of Change - Converts from any resources (Iron,Gold,Wood,Food,Adamite) into any other resource once every 12hours. Conversion caps at 500,000 thieves worth of the resource.

Titan'sCornerstone - +20% Defense. Cornerstone creates magical stone wall surrounding your forces

War Tome - This arkane book of warcraft will boost attack by 10%, defense by 5%, and population by 5% (closer barracks). Only two can be read per round, when read the book is returned to the artifact pool for re-distribution. (if you've read 2, and you find a third, you can sell the third one or hoard it).

Wheel of Thunder - 3 hour return time improvement versus players, to a minimum of 3 hour return times. 2 hour improvement of return times versus monsters. Very cool. Stage 3

Wheel of Time - 2 hour Faster return times for all attacks vs. players, one hour faster return vs. monsters (can be used with speed)

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