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Turn Based Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When do I get turns?

Each board has it’s own setting, it might be 8 turns a day (every 3 hours), 12 turns a day (every 2 hours), or 24 turns a day (every hour). Inside the game, in the top section on the right is a countdown timer which shows when you'll get a new turn.

What is the turn max?

Turn max is 24, but if you’re supposed to get that extra turn, and you have 24, a turn will run for you behind the scenes. If you're not too inactive.

You’ll receive income, production (wood, iron, etc), population grows or dies, duration spells count down, and characters drop lag.

How do I run turns?

The top section of each ingame page has a Run Turn or just Turns link. Click that, that will give you a little mini-report then click run turn.

Keep in mind, if you ready characters it’s a bit of a waste to run turns, cast some spells or do some training. But the opposite is kinda true too, if you’re low on turns, don’t make a bunch of attacks, you don’t want to run all your turns and still have characters off base.

Basic Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Question

You will get hit, even by monsters, keep a few characters home pretty much at the end of every day.

Space out your hits

If you hit somebody wait Three Days before you hit them again (unless they tag you). If you click Stats and the old hit is still there, WAIT. Targets page only shows legit targets you can.

If somebody hits you, you can hit them back, even if you hit them yesterday. You’ve got to make a rational decision, I’m not gonna hit them back right away, or you end up going back and forth on hits constantly.

What do I do first?

Build max mines or max scout towers + mines. Max out on your cheapest units. Run one turn to get that military. Throw everything you have at monsters, Coven->Monsters. If there are no monsters in your coven, there is an ALL MONSTERS link at the bottom of the coven page.

Characters seem to get way too powerful.

Characters are the name of the game, but warriors hit level 40 and level out. Spell casters reach level 45 and level out. Warriors are generally very strong between level 30-40. This is the goal, get come characters into the 30-40 level range.

What is the Clan Size limit?

This is a limit based on Land that controls how big one clan can get on one game board. If a clan is 30% of the total land in the game, and the clan size limit is 35%, this will block any coven greater than 5% of the total land from joining. Total land is listed at the bottom of coven pages, and the scores page lists each Clan's size.

The whole intent of turn based game play, is to make the game about strategy, and not about how much time you spend logged on the game.

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