Basic War Strategy

Battle arena

This is a social game, if you're rude to people, or you never interact. Doom.

One land grab is not grounds to kill somebody.
Somebody hits you, you hit them back, that gives them the fair shot to hit you again. This can go on. Not a reason to kill them, just stop hitting them back.

If you click Messages, and scroll down, at the bottom are some player rules. Supposedly these rules will keep you out of trouble.
You get +3% item drops against monsters if you're in a clan (After Noob Mode).

You can declare a self war, this will get you get you extra speed versus Artificial Intelligence (AI) empires, and the ability to steal magic from AI.

Declare war is right below monsters

This is invisible if you're not a Clan Leader, Vice Clan Leader or War General.

Defensive Posture can be bad, you cannot declare war for a while (so no self war either), but you get defensive bonuses. NO ONE USES IT.

It's basically a noob boobie trap. In theory if you're strong, and you have a bunch of necros and demons, it can be a theorerical advantage to defend against spells, steal magic and assassinations.

Killing Artificial Intelligence

Can be risky because sometimes players don't understand or they're Chaotic Evil

You want the attack + speed bonus, it'll cut your normal 6 hour return versus AI to 5.

AI don't start with magic, but they are like player empires, if attacked they have a chance of finding a magic item in the battle. So the more they're hit, the better chance they have items.

Killing Strategy

Choose a time to start, get everybody online at the same time

Step 1 : Kill Necromancers First (long story)
Step 2 : Kill Demons Second
Step 3 : Kill Rude People (or start with rude people, hehe)

The Process

Remove all characters. Throw attacks until Dead. Bog & Earthquake destroy land. Small targets it's a land grab, bigger targets it's less.
Select Assassinations versus steal magic is a +5% assassinations. If you have necros, maybe steal magic is better.

Legions of Tercia
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